Conservation Framing

We are conservation framers by nature which means all of the materials and techniques used making our frames are acid free and fully reversible.


The frames we make will not only protect your artwork but ensure they can be safely removed if required without damage or loss of value.


We have a broad range of materials and techniques at our disposal and are happy to advise on the most suitable options for the piece being framed. All items will be handled with the utmost care throughout this process.

Memorabilia Framing

We have experience in framing a wide variety of 3 dimensional objects and memorabilia from sports shirts to printing blocks.


Our aim is to display the pieces with as much visibility as possible while maintaining the ability to remove the item without damage if required. There are a number of different ways to secure and mount objects but we are happy to explain the merits of each when discussing your frame.


Care and attention will always be taken when handling and storing pieces brought into the workshop as we know sometimes their uniqueness can put them beyond financial recompense.

Bespoke Mirrors

As with the picture frames there are a broad range of mouldings and finishes to create a bespoke mirror to perfectly fit the aesthetic required.


Mirrors can be produced to a standard size or made to fit a precise size for the space required but all of them will be made to high quality finish with suitable fixings. We can also re-use mirrored glass if required or replace glass if the original frame wants to be retained.


Let us know what you are looking for and we can help find an option that suits your needs.