Pre-finished mouldings 

Hetheringtons has access to and experience with a wide range of pre-finished mouldings from the countries leading suppliers of quality frame materials. These range from ornate and elaborate  embossed profiles to clean and minimalist spray paint finishes. There is and ever growing selection of example chevrons in the workshop and we will endeavour to find something that suits the artwork and your budget. We are also able to supply quality swept frames when a traditional and ornate piece requires a special presentation.

Hand painted and wood stained


We specialise in hand painted frames using a broad selection of colours and tones from the Little Green paint company. This process can not only help bring out the best in the artwork but also help them bed into the aesthetic of the home.  At Hetherington’s we like to make use of our experience in wood finishes to produce unique stained and waxed frames using a variety of woods. From the strong natural grain of the Ash and Oak to the clean closed grain of the Tulip, they all offer a beautiful and unique finish for the frame.

Stain and paint_edited.jpg

Conservation mounts

As conservation framers we use only conservation and Archival materials when mounting work but this doesn’t limit the variety of tones textures and colours which can be used. There are options such as extra thick or double layered window mounts along with a range of float mount options. These are all done using conservation techniques such as wheat starch hinges which ensure the artwork is secure while being fully reversible if required. The aim is to protect your piece from contact with the glass, acid contamination or poor hinging while still making it look spectacular.

Bespoke mirrors and specialist glazing

Hetheringtons have worked with numerous interior designers and individuals to create truly unique and beautiful adornments for the home. We can work to create a truly bespoke Mirror in size and finish based on your needs from a variety of pre-finish and hand produced designs. We also supply various art glass which protects from UV light contamination or helps reduce reflection glare. This glass can be fitted retrospectively to frames or can be included in any frame design we produce.

Mirror 1.jpg